Leather Goods

Strength & Durability

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather is the strongest and highest quality leather. This may also be the reason why full-grain leather is expensive.

While strong and durable, full grain leather remains extremely breathable, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact.

Used to make horse harnesses they can withstand tremendous amount of pressure.

Under the Skin

Vegetable Tanned

Vegetable-tanned leather absorbs the traces of our life, it mature and transforms with the passage of time.

The natural ageing does not compromise its qualities, it is a rare material that actually improves with use.

It embodies the signs of time and use as the most personal expression of naturalness and truth.


The Tanning Process

The oldest form of tanning in the world. For millennia the recipes and skills have been handed down from generation to generation.

Our Skins come from reputable Italian Tanneries. The transformation from raw hides into a material that will last a long time is a process that happens slowly in wooden drums while respecting the environment.

It is an astonishing process based on the use of natural tannins, on modern technologies and machinery but mainly, on the slow passage of time.

Nature's own

Natural Ingredients

Using the natural tannins found in various barks and woods, raw leather is left in baths for upwards of 2 months or longer. Over this time it develops a rich natural tone as it tans.

Among the various tanning methods, the vegetable tanning is the most classical, the most traditional, the most recognizable, the only one able to give leather unique characteristics, the most natural and the most environmental-friendly.

It is able to join comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility in the product.


Hand Braided Collection

A Classic Collection featuring natural edging and hand braided collars and leashes.

A refined look made possible by lengthily tumbling the leather to make it soft without loosing it’s sturdiness, then hand braiding it with love by our local artisans.

Carefully produced in small quantities so that you may enjoy this exclusive product line.

For Everyday Use

Efficient Designs

The Fashionable option for any Active pet owner, Muso & Co Designs are Stylish & Functional.

Our Sans-hands approach to our Multi-Way Leash & Utility Bag are not only versatile but oh so Fashionable.

The penchant for practicality without forgoing style.