Classic Leather Harness


The Muso & Co Classic leather Harnesses are crafted by hand to provide you with an utterly unique sleek & fashionable product. Made with sturdy Full Grain Italian leather and high-quality Brass Hardware our Harnesses are sure to create an elevated look for your Dog.

Made for an easy and efficient sliding on. Full-Grain Vegetable tanned Italian Leather and Sturdy Brass Hardware, it’s assured comfort for your furry friend. Simply slip both front legs in, secure the pegs in place and attach your Muso and Co leash.

Guaranteed for a lifetime of wear, with brass hardware that won’t rust or corrode. It’s a Harness made for Pet Owners that believe in providing their dogs with effortless Style and sustainable quality products.

- Made from Ethical & Eco Friendly Leather imported from Italy
- Completely Made & Crafted in Montreal in small Batches
- All Brass Hardware
- Embossed Logo
- Pairs Perfectly with our Classic Leash & other Muso & Co walking Accessories


Must measure dog Torso Circumference 1" behind the dogs shoulder blade. Please take into account dog Fur, do not measure too loose or too thigh.

- XXSmall Runs:Collar 5” to 8”,Torso Circumference 8" to 12".

- XSmall Runs: Collar 8” to 12” , Torso Circumference 12" to 15.5". 

- Small Runs: Collar 11" to ,Torso Circumference 15.5" to 18.5".
- Medium Runs: Collar 11” to 16” ,Torso Circumference 18" to 22.
- Large Runs: Collar 15” to 22”,Torso Circumference 28" to 31"
- XLarge Runs: Collar 22" to 27", Torso Circumference 30" to 34"

 * Please note that all our products are designed for trained well behaved dogs. These are not intended as training Harnesses. See maximum weight restrictions in Size Guide.

Collar Size Guide
Strong & Timeless

Genuine Brass Hardware

Quality Brass Hardware that won't corrode or rust.

Materials that will mature and age well to give more value to your items for a lifetime of wear.

It's all in the details, picking better products means consuming less.

Tradition, innovation, naturalness, and beauty

Vegetable Tanned

Vegetable tanning is the most traditional, recognizable, natural and the most environmental-friendly.

The transformation is a process that happens slowly and provides astonishing results.

Vegetable tanned Leather joins comfort & fashion, uniqueness & tradition.