Breton Stripe Extra Facemask


The truth: Masks are probably here to stay and that might not be such a bad thing. Yes we hate them just as much as you but we make sure to use Eco-Friendly ones when we have too. After all, masks can provide protection from a range of virus, including seasonal colds and flus, allergens and even pollution. As we all hope not to have to wear them all time and everywhere. Our Masks are comfortable and safe.

- 2 ply with insert pocket for filters
- Adjustable Ear elastic loops
- Covers nose & chin.
- Eco-Friendly & reusable
- Sleek & Fashionable
- 100% Cotton Black Lining to prevent from Stains

Our Hecate Logo has been embroidered directly on the items to ensure a firm hold and a Unique Splash of Color.

They can be washed using our complimentary washbag or by hand and flat to dry.

70% Rayon/ 25% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Made with Love, Crafted by Hand Locally.

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