Silk Twill Nautical Stripe Dog Bandana, Neckerchief & Scrunchie Set


A form of self-expression, the silk scarf as been a staple in fashion since the 1930’s. A symbol of glamour and independence. Worn and popularized by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and so many more Iconic Women. Today these are still a symbol of elegance and style. Worn by Women & Men in the most influential cities in the world. 

These Silk Square and Silk Dog Bandana sets will set you apart. Curated Designs and Assorted Matching Accessories.

The perfect pairing for a walk on the town, the dog park or any other outing you'll be doing with your Fur Friend.

In High Fashion this season and can dress up any pair of Jean and tee. Can be worn around the neck, in your hair as a ribbon, as a headband or a garnish for your bag.  Scrunchies will dress up any attire. Your dog will look absolutely Glamourous and on trend.

Check Size guide for approximate size per Breed Type.

Hand Washing Only. Made with Love, Imported.

Collar Size Guide

The Perfect Match

We relate more to our furry friends than most people. They are there for us unconditionally.

No wonder we want to show off our Pride of having them by our side. Let everyone know just how alike you are, celebrate your bond.