Leather Madringal Collar


This beautifully crafted leather martingale collar combines the functionality of a martingale collar but with the design and comfort a loop collar. Perfect for training, anti-pulling and as an everyday collar, this is a more humane alternative to choke and prong collars. The super soft Full Grain leather collar enables you to select the correction level using the brass stopper. Handmade in Montreal with Genuine Brass hardware. Matches our Muso & Co Collection for the perfect match.

- Made from Eco-Friendly Leather imported from Italy
- Completely Made & Crafted in Montreal in small Batches
- All Brass Hardware
- One Size M/L
- 1 inch height
- Embossed Logo
- Brass stopper for correction level
- Pairs Perfectly with our Leashes & other Muso & Co walking Accessories.

Collar Size Guide
Strong & Timeless

Genuine Brass Hardware

Quality Brass Hardware that won't corrode or rust.

Materials that will mature and age well to give more value to your items for a lifetime of wear.

It's all in the details, picking better products means consuming less.

Tradition, innovation, naturalness, and beauty

Vegetable Tanned

Vegetable tanning is the most traditional, recognizable, natural and the most environmental-friendly.

The transformation is a process that happens slowly and provides astonishing results.

Vegetable tanned Leather joins comfort & fashion, uniqueness & tradition.